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General information

Thank you for visiting our website. We hope you enjoy browsing it and getting to know us.

In compliance with the duty of information contemplated in current regulations on Information Society Services and Electronic Commerce, we recommend that you carefully read these conditions before beginning use.

Below we indicate the general information data of our website:

  • Responsible for this website: Canfrost S.L. (hereinafter “the OWNER”).
  • NIF/CIF : B73026320.
  • Address: Residencial Hoyo 1 street, number 33. Urbanización Altorreal, 30506 Molina de Segura (Murcia – Spain).
  • Internet domain: (hereinafter “the website”)
  • Contact email address:

Other general information:

The complaint form models for the Region of Murcia are regulated in Decree 3/2014, of January 31, which regulates the unified system of complaints from consumers and users in the Autonomous Community of the Region of Murcia.

1. Concept of USER:

“USER” is any person who accesses the website, whether or not using the content or information contained therein.

The USER, in order to use the services of our website, must be of legal age. By accessing our site, the user declares that he or she is of legal age in his or her country.

The USER is solely responsible for knowing the regulations regarding the sale of alcoholic beverages in their country. In Spain, the user must be over 18 years old. In any case, the OWNER. reminds you that alcohol abuse is dangerous for your health and recommends consuming it in moderation.

The USER expressly states and accepts that access to the website implies in its entirety the unequivocal commitment to comply with each and every one of the general conditions of mere access and use of any of the contents presented. In any case, if the USER does not understand or does not assume compliance with all or part of the aforementioned general conditions, they must not access or use the website.

Consequently, the USER must carefully read this Legal Notice and the Privacy Policy on each occasion in which they intend to use the website, as it may be modified over time.

In the event that any questions may arise from reading the Legal Notice and the Privacy Policy, do not hesitate to contact the OWNER of the website at the address indicated above in “General information”.

2. Object:

The OWNER of the website, through it, makes available to the USER access to a series of content and information that may be provided by the OWNER himself or by third parties.

Likewise, the OWNER reserves the right to, at any time, modify the use procedures, as well as the structure, location and appearance of the contents and information contained.

3. Conditions of access and use of the website:

3.1. Access and general use of the website by the USER:

The USER expressly and unequivocally accepts that access and use of the website does not imply any type of guarantee, which is expressly waived by the OWNER, regarding the suitability of the contents included therein for particular or specific purposes of the USER. Consequently, both access to the website and the use of the content and information is carried out under the exclusive responsibility of the USER, and the OWNER will not be liable in any case and to any extent, neither for direct nor indirect damages, nor for consequential damage. , for any damages arising from the use of the contents or the conclusions that the USER draws from their use.

3.2. Authorized use of the website and contents:

The User expressly and unequivocally consents to accessing the website and, where appropriate, using it and the content provided therein, in accordance with these general conditions, the particular conditions that may be available for each content, if applicable. as well as other applicable regulations, good practices and customs, good faith and public order. In any case, and with a purely enunciative nature, the USER undertakes to:

a) Do not access or use the website or its contents that are not permitted or contrary to the purpose of the website and the regulatory framework that regulates it.

b) Access and/or use the website and/or the contents within the principles and purposes for which they were created and made available to the USER. In order to comply with these principles and purposes, the USER, by way of example and not limitation, undertakes to: b.1) not carry out or attempt to carry out actions that entail or may entail damage, directly or indirectly, in general, to the website and its contents; b.2) not to carry out or attempt to carry out actions that affect, either, among others, modifying, manipulating or eliminating the references or formats of the references or mentions on the protection of intellectual or industrial property rights of the owner or of third parties, both from the website itself as well as the contents arranged therein and other elements that compose it; b.3) not carry out actions that damage or may damage the systems of the OWNER or third parties, or that, where appropriate, affect or may affect the normal development of the object of the website. These actions include the introduction of computer viruses into the systems of the OWNER, the USERS or any third party that affect or may affect the website in any way, as well as actions aimed at the dissemination of said viruses both in the website as well as on the network through the website.

c) The USER will be liable for all damages and losses, of any nature, that the OWNER, any other USER or a third party may suffer as a result of their improper use of the website or the contents provided therein.

3.3. The content:

The USER expressly and unequivocally states that he or she undertakes not to reproduce or copy, distribute, allow public access through any form of public communication, transform or modify the contents.

4. Industrial and Intellectual Property Rights:

The content and information provided by the OWNER, as well as the content posted on the Internet through its website and the corresponding links, are protected by applicable international laws and conventions on intellectual property. Any form of reproduction, distribution, public communication, transformation, making available and, in general, any other act of public exploitation referring to both the Web pages and their contents and information is prohibited. Consequently, all content displayed on the Websites and, in particular, designs, texts, graphics, logos, icons, buttons, software, trade names, brands, industrial drawings or any other signs susceptible to industrial and commercial use are subject to intellectual and industrial property rights of the OWNER or third party owners thereof who have duly authorized their inclusion on the website.

The contents, images, forms, indexes and other formal expressions that are part of the Web pages, as well as the software necessary for their operation and visualization, also constitute a work in the sense of Copyright and are, therefore, therefore, protected by international conventions and national legislation on intellectual property that may be applicable.

Specifically, and without limitation, acts of reproduction, distribution, display, transmission, retransmission, broadcast in any form, storage on physical or logical media (for example, floppy disks or computer hard drives), digitization or making available are prohibited. availability from databases other than those belonging to those authorized by the OWNER, as well as its translation, adaptation, arrangement or any other transformation of said information, images, forms, indexes and other formal expressions or commercial phrases that are made available to Users through the services or content, as long as such acts are subject to the applicable legislation regarding intellectual, industrial property or image protection.

Any technical, logical or technological resources by virtue of which a third party can benefit, directly or indirectly, with or without profit, from each and every one of the contents, forms, indexes and other formal expressions that are part of the Website are prohibited. the Web pages, or the effort carried out by the OWNER for their operation.

5. Exclusion of guarantees and liability:

5.1. Exclusion of guarantees and responsibility for the operation of the website:

The owner does not guarantee the availability and continuity of the operation of the website or those other websites with which a Link has been established. Likewise, the owner will not in any case be responsible for any damages that may arise from a) the lack of availability or accessibility to the website or to those other sites with which a Link has been established; b) interruption in the operation of the website or computer failures, telephone breakdowns, disconnections, delays or blockages caused by deficiencies or overloads in telephone lines, the Internet system or other electronic systems produced in the course of its operation; c) the lack of suitability of the website for the specific needs of the USERS and d) other damages that may be caused by third parties through interference beyond the control of the owner.

The owner does not guarantee the absence of viruses or other elements on the website introduced by third parties other than the owner that may cause alterations in the physical or logical systems of the USERS or in the electronic documents and files stored in their systems, such as screensavers or wallpapers. Consequently, the owner will not in any case be responsible for any damages of any kind that may arise from the presence of viruses or other elements that may cause alterations in the physical or logical systems, electronic documents or files of the USERS.

5.2.- Exclusion of guarantees and liability for the use of the website:

The owner will not be responsible in any case for the use that USERS and/or third parties may make of the website or the contents and information, nor for any damages that may arise from the same.

6. Use of cookies and links

6.1. Cookies:

The USER expressly and unequivocally declares and authorizes the owner to use, if he or she deems appropriate, cookies when the USER accesses and/or uses the website. These cookies may be voluntarily rejected by the USER.

6.2. Links:

All those who intend to establish a link, hyperlink between their website and this website must obtain prior authorization from the owner. The website in which the link is established may not contain distinctive signs that could lead one to understand the existence of an association relationship (since it does not exist) between the services, products and content arranged and provided on the Website and those arranged and provided to through the web.

7. Partial nullity:

If any clause of this legal notice of this website is declared totally or partially null or ineffective, it will affect only said provision or the part of it that is null or ineffective, subsisting in everything else, the rest of the conditions of the legal notice and such provision or the part thereof that is affected is not included unless, because it is essential to these clauses, it would affect them in their entirety.

8. Non-compliance, applicable law and jurisdiction:

The owner reserves the right to exercise any actions available by law to demand the responsibilities that arise from non-compliance with any of the provisions of this Legal Notice by a USER. The provision of the website service and these clauses are governed by Spanish Law.